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Honda EP-1000 850VA Handy Series Portable Generator

£ 2078


KEY FEATURES Easy Start facility due to manual recoil starter. Honda world proven 4-Stroke Technology ensures high fuel efficiency. For your convenience you can keep a constant check on the fuel levels. Honda Portable Gensets have an Oil Alert System that prevents Engine Seizure due to low oil level. An inbuilt Circuit Breaker prevents the alternator from being damaged in case of a short circuit. A countrywide network of over 700 dealers spread across the country makes after-sales service and spares easily available. Honda Handy Series Gensets are easy to carry. Special muffling minimizing noise levels.



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With the Honda 850 VA Handy Series Portable Generator EP 1000 power cuts are no longer an issue of concern. This portable generator painted in bright red and black is specifically designed to provide the users with noise free operations. Hondas innovative technology makes use of large size sound mufflers which absorb the noise of the generator. Weighing around 27.4 Kilos this generator has a compact design and delivers the best in class performance. The light weight makes it portable and well suited for operating a number of appliances. Provided with a large fuel tank of 3.6 liters this generator is equipped with an echo throttle system that offers great fuel efficiency. The low fume engine of Honda Handy Series portable generator keeps your house and environment comfortable and healthy. Specially designed castor wheels for easy movement manual recoil starter for easy start oil alert feature 4 Stroke technology for high fuel efficiency adds greater convenience to the machine. Best suited for residential homes and small workplaces this is a ready to use model and is very simple to operate.

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